Chris Sharp


chris sharp


Chris Sharp was born in Nigeria to Scottish Parents at a time when the newly independent African Nations were cutting their ties to their Colonial powers. When the family retuned to Scotland Chris attended the Robert Gordon’s School in Aberdeen. On leaving school he¬†went to the Aberdeen College of commerce to study Graphic Design for two years, he then went to Gray’s school of Art to study Sculpture and Fine Art for a further 4 years.

Working as a professional artist since 1983, Chris produces work that reflects the beautiful Scottish landscapes and the wildlife that inhabits it. He specialises in the area of field sports and game fishing-in particular Salmon fishing. His very impressive attention to detail, factual representation and fine workmanship is based on his keen personal interest in everything that he paints. The inspiration for his paintings comes from the Scottish Highlands. The unique light conditions and colours created by the Scottish weather produce beautiful atmospheric landscapes and backdrops which remain quietly untouched by man.

The work produced by Chris Sharp give the viewer a snapshot of a very private, fleeting moment between nature and landscape, where the viewer is drawn into the heart of the scene and encapsulated by what they are seeing.

Chris sells his work predominantly through gallery exhibitions and often through some private commissioning his work.