Roy Meats

Artist Roy Meats

Roy was born in Nottingham in 1958 and enjoyed drawing and painting from an early age with his father. His work was always featured in exhibitions when he was at school and during this period he became fascinated with nature in all its forms. When Roy left school he became an apprentice in painting and decorating, studying colour, design and specialist finishing as part of his training.

He developed a flair for sign writing which eventually became his main source of income.Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Roy set up his own sign writing company in 1983. During his time Roy was working for many different brewers across the country and painted pictorial signs for pubs as there was a huge demand for original hand painted signs. At this time he was selling his original paintings and producing commissions for private clients.

Roy’s second exhibition took place at The Riversley Gallery, Nuneaton. This proved to be a great success for Roy as he completely sold-out of all his products and paintings. With the demise of the brewing industry at this time, the demand for signs and sign writing was in decline which forced Roy to consider a new direction into commercial mural painting. This venture proved successful in securing work throughout the UK and Europe.

Recently Roy decided to take his paintings to print and produced a variety of Limited Editions, therefor making his art accessible and affordable to a wider audience.