Adam Barsby

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This is from Creative Fine Art’s website:

“Adam Barsby was born in Leicester, England in 1969. In 1992 he achieved first class honours degree in Illustration from The Kent Institute of Art and Design. Barsby first began his career in illustration as a freelance illustrator. However, during this time he also worked in galleries across London. He then realised that his artwork could not only express his creativity, but also help him financially.

He is said to be inspired by Stanley Spencer as well as the naïve artist Alfred Wallis. Another big inspiration for Adam is his love for the sea. The vast majority of his art works are harbour and coastal scenes, creating the backdrop for his pictures.

In more recent years, Barsby has been changing his style. He has been painting figurative art to create a new style based on his emotions about love and life. This will be interesting to see for his many fans who love his landscapes and seascapes.

Since his debut in 1996, he has won several awards, including three nominations for best published artist, best up and coming artist in 1999, and best selling artist of the year in 2000.

We have a great selection of Adam’s work for sale in the Gallery, from fun colourful animal’s to days gone by all to make you smile.”

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