Rob Hain

Pipers on Parade


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Dimensions 560 × 280 mm


Born in Dorset, England Lives & works in the Scottish Borders, Scotland As a child Rob watched his grandfather, who would be absorbed in creating beautiful paintings and detailed drawings which Rob attributes to his close affinity with art. There is a magic, an alchemy that occurs when graphite is applied to paper, when paint touches canvas. Rob creates micro-worlds, proximate, intimate, that capture the connection between the inhabitants, their individual lives and shared experiences. ​ Whilst the architecture can be exquisite, and surrounding landscape beautiful, Rob finds that without people the painting feels incomplete. ​ “I have come to realise that people are the soul of a town, the spirit of a city, that gives it life” ​ Rob’s love of our capital, Edinburgh, has grown over the years, its magnificent Georgian architecture, the energy of the thriving festival – the world’s largest and its people, Rob’s extended family.

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