Grant Palmer

Wheels On Fire (Rare) - Bronze Sculpture 1 of 50


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Large Bronze Sculpture

Grant Palmer studied Sculpture & Ceramic Design at North Staffordshire University and began his career in the Design & Modelling studio at Royal Doulton’s Burslem Factory. Following this, he became freelance which opened exciting and varied opportunities to develop his unique impressionistic style.

Indeed, Grant believes his sense of humour and a certain child-like naivety in his personality is played out in his work

Grant seeks to create sculptures which, whilst accurate have a personality and character of their own. In Grant’s words, “It’s the greatest compliment when people tell me they feel my pieces have a genuine soul”.

Grant combines a unique approach to fun and relationships, often between the young and old. In his whimsical world, everyone is ready to enjoy themselves; age is meaningless for the young at heart.


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